How We Work


Support for Digital Research & Development (R&D)

Digital R&D

We provide computing and technical capabilities for digital research and development (R&D). Our services support digital R&D across all industries, supplying computational power, middleware, technical support, and business development support. We jointly develop businesses with shared sights over the medium and long term, and realize new technologies being implemented in society and for commercial aims.

Service platform

Render Pool®

Render Pool® is our proprietary cloud computer graphics (CG) rendering service. Especially in the video production industry, Render Pool® can dramatically reduce rendering duration while rendering progress can be managed in real-time by uploading original data. Calculations are performed on servers distributed across different locations via the Excalibur® system. Results are then downloaded upon completion.


The M:CPP GPU-specific cloud service uses renewable energy, supplying a user-friendly GPU cloud integrated with cloud storage (such as AWS) to satisfy developers’ needs.


Our distributed processing systems enable distributed data centers. You can enjoy remote control of servers and computer processing optimization.

Graphics processing unit (GPU) support

We support our Morgenrot hardware and data centers through optimization, operation, and maintenance of GPU servers.


We both build and sell hardware, including GPU/CPU servers and containerized data centers that generate computing power. Our services provide high added value through management of surplus power.

Products MORG-5608(offered March 2021)
MORG-5606 (discontinued March 2020)