Computing Resource Management (Platform for Business Enterprises)


Your HPC Job Management Solution. Achieve operational optimization in HPC environments through visualization and GUI provision for existing job schedulers.


Visualize Server Operation Status

Easily grasp operational rates, resource consumption, and system performance through a user-friendly dashboard.


Schedule Display in Calendar View

Effortlessly understand overall operational status in a calendar format, enabling planned maintenance and effective resource allocation.


Customize Summary Display

Dashboard is fully customizable, allowing you to view key server metrics at a glance for efficient operational management.

Easily grasp operational rates, resource consumption, and system performance through a user-friendly dashboard.

Compatible with major job schedulers Existing operations remain unchanged,allowing job registration via GUI

We provide compatibility with major job schedulers along with flexible job registration options. You can easily register jobs via GUI or even through CUI for those who prefer it. This allows for highly customizable job management tailored to the user's environment and preferences.

Morgenrot's HPC Optimization Solution maximizes the utilization of HPC resources through real-time monitoring, automatic job scheduling, and integration with matching platforms. This dramatically reduces job processing times, enhancing overall productivity. Furthermore, surplus resources are leveraged for cloud provisioning, generating revenue and reducing operational costs.

HPC Operational Challenges

Difficulty in Grasping Operational Status Need for Development Costs for Monitoring UI

Managing operations solely through command-based interfaces often results in extensive log outputs, making it difficult to monitor server statuses. While some organizations opt for custom UIs, the trial-and-error process can incur unnecessary development costs.

Low Utilization Rates in HPC,Increased Surplus Costs Due to GPU Price Surges

*The utilization rate is calculated based on the operational status of NERSC (USA).

Insufficient computing power can also harm business operations.

In August 2023, a major automotive manufacturer experienced a production line shutdown due to server capacity shortages. This incident brought attention to the risk of insufficient computing power.

Computing Business Creation (Platform for Consumer Market)

Cloud Bouquet™

Cloud Bouquet™: Matches customers in need of computational power with businesses that possess such resources, providing the required computational power as needed.

Resource management tailored to the situation

Cloud Bouquet™'s matching solution is designed to flexibly respond to fluctuations in resource demand. During surplus periods, it efficiently adjusts resources, reducing operational costs by minimizing the operation of idle servers and systems. Conversely, during resource shortages, it utilizes cloud resources to ensure business continuity.

Secure resource sharing through virtualization

Our matching platform virtualizes our resources for safe sharing. Real-time security monitoring ensures peace of mind in resource sharing, supporting business expansion and accelerating innovation.

CASE 1: Collaborative Research with JAXA

We are focusing on leveraging 'M:Arthur™' to develop efficient operational strategies for HPC systems and statistical analysis methods for individual jobs. This research aims to maximize the performance of HPC systems and support more effective scientific and technological research.

CASE 2: Cloud Bouquet™: Implementing at a leading construction firm

Leveraging (Cloud Bouquet™) for complex fluid dynamics simulations, such as analyzing wind flow in civil engineering and architectural projects. This enables effective urban planning and architectural design.


We both build and sell hardware, including GPU/CPU servers and containerized data centers that generate computing power. Our services provide high added value through management of surplus power.

Graphics processing unit (GPU) support

We support our Morgenrot hardware and data centers through optimization, operation, and maintenance of GPU servers.