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Launching 5G service in 2020. Game changing bandwidth that will revolutionize industries including: Self Driving vehicles, Remote Medical Treatments and Virtual Reality by providing 4K/8K High Definition Video and AR/VR Realistic Video to the masses. Even now, massive amounts of compute power is required to facilitate high speed, data intensive and low latency dependent projects.

Morgenrot, with our GPU based compute platform optimized with our proprietary Excalibur™ software, has leveraged blockchain technology to provide distributed processing solutions for these specific scenarios and beyond.

We connect compute surplus server farms not just in Japan, but all over the world to ensure an efficiently distributed and load balanced total cloud solution. We provide high speed and low cost compute power to all!

The Morgenrot Advantage

Our official partnership with worldwide semiconductor maker AMD makes it possible for us to provide outstanding performance and unlimited scalability for our clients.

MORGENROT Project・Business ModelMORGENROT Project・Business Model

Service Industry

Service Industry

Service business that leverages cloud computing power. Developed “Render Pool ™“, a cloud-based GPU rendering service. Provides services such as deep learning and CAE (simulation).
Platform business

Platform business

Provide cloud computing automatic distribution software licensed “Excalibur ™” for computing pool vendors (CPV).
Provide a platform for rendering, deep learning, mining, etc.
Hardware business

Hardware business

Selling, installing, operating and maintaining cloud computing power system containers (data centers) and computing power systems (servers) for computing pool vendors (CPVs).

MORGENROT Company ProfileMORGENROT Company Profile

Company Name Morgenrot Inc.
Founding Date April 9, 2019
Head Office Address 〒101-0021 3-13-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative Representative Director and CEO Hirotaka Inoue
Transaction financial institution Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank
Capital Stock 136 million yen
Business summary Telecommunications business in compliance with the Telecommunications Business Law (A-02-17922)
Development and licensing of computing power distribution solution
Development, operation and maintenance of computing power utilization services such as cloud rendering service (RenderPool ™)
Development, sales, operation and maintenance of computing power system servers and containers
Main client Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Eurus Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.
MIRAIT Corporation
TMS Entertainment Inc.
General Counsel AZX General Law Office Takashi Gau



〒101-0021 3-13-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo LIFORK AKIHABARA II R4A


#1801- 1 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M5E 1W7 (416) 823-2402

MORGENROT Main Members IntroductionMORGENROT Main Members Introduction

Representative Director and CEOHirotaka Inoue

Excalibur Development Manager

Director CTOTakahiro Harada

ProRender Development Manager Current AMD

Director CSO
North America Branch Manager
Shane Bennett

Former CJ Group Blockchain developer and enthusiasts

Executive ChairmanDavid Bennett

Lenovo Japan Representative NEC Personal Representative Former AMD VP

Director CFOKazuhiro Ono

Financial Manager

Outside Director CXOMiyu Nishikawa

xR Business Consultant Former Head of HTC JAPAN Former AMD

AdvisorShunsuke Yoshizawa

Former Japan AMD Representative

AdvisorJoerg Roskowetz

BlockChain General Manager Security Officer Current AMD