Eurus Energy Holdings x City of Tarumizu, Kagoshima

Containerized data center installed on vacant land of a former junior high school in southern Japan


Enabling CG rendering and other services – with clean energy

From early 2021, the city of Tarumi, in Japan’s southern Kagoshima Prefecture, entrusted idle land to Morgenrot. The land, which previously held a junior high school is now being put to a modern use, as Eurus Energy has installed a containerized data center.

Eurus Energy Group, an international organization, has also established a containerized server center at the Bull Creek Wind Farm in the US state of Texas. This is its largest wind farm, and enabled provision of cloud-based CG rendering services.

This is the first case of a major renewable energy company using its own facilities to work on a project.

A demand respond function was also introduced to effectively use surplus computing power during hours with no demand for cloud services. This is aimed at improving electricity supply and demand, as well as a demonstration of crypto mining through the use of actual renewable electricity.