TMS Entertainment uses Morgenrot’s Render Pool™ Cloud Rendering Service for its production of anime titles


Morgenrot Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) today announced that TMS Entertainment Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest and most distinguished animation studios, is now using its cloud-based distributed CG rendering service, Render Pool™ to produce its anime titles.

Morgenrot is a Japan-based independent rendering farm powered by AMD Ryzen™ desktop processors and AMD Radeon™ Graphics that provides cloud-based, high-performance 3D CG rendering services, and its Render Pool™ offering is fully compatible with the AMD Radeon™ ProRender physically-based rendering engine. Morgenrot worked closely with TMS and AMD to develop the unique Toon Trace™ feature, which allows users to generate outlines of CG objects for developing cartoon movies and videos.

Toon Trace™ offers the following capabilities enabling users to significantly increase their productivity compared to conventional tools:

  • Generates outlines of CG objects for developing cartoon movies and videos
  • Ultrafast and beautiful line drawing in the View Port powered by AMD GPUs
  • Powerful render elements and AOVs file output capability
  • Fine tuning of line drawing by parameter adjustment
  • Optimized for AMD Radeon™ ProRender, and Toon Trace™ capabilities will be included in the next version of the AMD Radeon™ ProRender SDK for developers

Available through Morgenrot Render Pool™, Toon Trace™ allows users to take advantage of these features to boost productivity of rendering work for cartoon-style image projects by extracting the maximum performance of their rendering systems, big or small.

“We are excited about the huge potential of Morgenrot’s Render Pool™ cloud-based distributed CG rendering service and Toon Trace™. This combination allowed us to accelerate the production process and to further increase efficiencies at TMS”, say Kohei Ito and Ryouta Takano of TMS.

“We are pleased with the opportunity to work with TMS, one of the largest anime studios in the world, to deliver the Toon Trace™ technology through our close relationship with AMD. Morgenrot offers a highly efficient and scalable cloud-based distributed rendering service for all creators who are hungry for more computing power as they need it,” says Shane Bennett, Director of Morgenrot USA.

“Morgenrot unleashes the power of AMD’s high-performance GPU technology through the deployment of AMD Radeon™ ProRender. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with TMS, one of the most prominent anime studios in the world, to co-develop Toon Trace™, which will be incorporated into the next version of the AMD Radeon™ ProRender SDK,” says Takahiro Harada, Principle Member of Technical Staff of AMD.

About Morgenrot Inc.

Morgenrot is a Cloud-based Distributed Render Farm company which provides high performance 3D CG distributed rendering service, “Render Pool,” through cloud-based rendering computing power pool built around AMD’s latest hardware and software technologies. Morgenrot works closely with AMD to deploy the latest technologies made available by AMD.

About TMS Entertinment Co. Ltd.

TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd. (better know as TMS), one of the world’s largest and most distinguished animation studios, has rapidly won recognition from the international filmmaking community for its highly acclaimed animation, pioneering techniques and proud commitment to quality. With its headquarters situated in Tokyo under the supervision of the world’s dedicated team of top development, production and design executives, TMS’s growing reputation is reflected by the versatility, artistry and originality of the remarkable volume of programs the company has produced for the international markets worldwide. Established in the year 1964, TMS has produced more than 100 features, and over 100 TV programming series, in total of 8,000 half hours, for global distribution. TMS also proceeds restoration projects of the titles to keep its highest quality for next generation. TMS is proud to uphold our tradition of presenting to you unforgettable images from the finest animation produced anywhere in the world. TMS’s programs have attained the worldwide recognition and we continue to strive for excellence and lead the animation world throughout the century.




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