Our Mission

Applying green computing power to create infrastructure for a digital society

Big data, AI, sophisticated computer graphics, automated vehicles, AR/VR, and other technologies are growing rapidly. Demand for computing power therefore continues to increase. We must address the environmental impact of generating all this power.

Morgenrot builds green data centers around the world, with distributed processing technology at their core and using renewable energy and surplus power.

We provide trailblazing companies and organizations with optimal ways of creating the infrastructure for a digital society. Our solutions are kind to the Earth and everyone here.


Meeting the growing demand for computing power. Offsetting environmental impact. Driving digitization across all industries.

We use our hardware procurement abilities to build distributed data centers around the world.

Our unique distributed processing technology and software development lets us provide customers and partners with complete solutions, from hardware to software.

In these ways, we provide actionable, user-friendly computing power to anyone who needs it.

Case Examples

Clients supported

We’ve built 2,000 servers worldwide from Asia to North America, used our computational power for rendering of movies and anime, and provided GPU cloud services to leading-edge companies.

We’re also actively engaged in joint research with universities to advance science and technology.

About Morgenrot

Green computing power to expand human- and Earth-friendly technological solutions