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Morgenrot is a Japan-based supercomputing company providing high-performance, on-demand, 3D Computer Graphics and Animation rendering services through Render Pool: A GPU based cloud infrastructure.

With our focus on green energy, GPU based cloud computing power, and the strength of our industry experience and partnerships, we bring the technologies of tomorrow to our customers, today.

What We Do?

Cloud-Based 3D Rendering

Render Pool is Morgenrot’s GPU based cloud rendering service that dramatically reduces cost and rendering time while seamlessly integrating into your workflow! Render Pool uses multiple GPUs packed into each of the thousands of servers on our network to achieve incredibly fast rendering speeds. No expensive hardware installation or maintenance costs. No license fee for AMD Radeon™ ProRender. Render Pool already works with your 3D software package of choice!

Render Pool

Competing cloud rendering services often require you to use specific software, Render Pool is compatible with all major rendering software packages. Use something not supported with us out of the box? Let us know and our engineers will work with you to make sure Render Pool fits into your current workflow!

Software development

Morgenrot’s Render Pool features its unique distributed computing algorithm software, Excalibur™, which allows each GPU to autonomously process, optimize and complete disparate job parts. This results in highly efficient and scalable distributed processing power available on demand to our customers.

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会社名 モルゲンロット株式会社
設立日 平成31年4月16日
本社住所 〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田3-16-2 LIFORK AKIHABARA II R4C
代表 代表取締役CEO 井上 博隆
取引金融機関 みずほ銀行、りそな銀行
事業概要 コンピューティングパワー分散ソリューションの開発
関連会社 WOODMAN株式会社

Our office


〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田3-13-2 LIFORK AKIHABARA II R4C

LIFORK AKIHABARA II R4C 3-13-2 Sotokanda Chiyodaku Tokyo Japan 101-0021


#1801- 1 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M5E 1W7 (416) 823-2402